Tips On How To Engage Your Kids To Limit Screen Time

Are you worried about the screen time of your kids? The screen time of kids is a growing concern of parents all over the world. However, many don’t know what to do about it. Being strict doesn’t really help because then you become the ‘bad person’ at home. Besides, you don’t want that kind of energy in the house. So, what do you do? Don’t worry, from getting free kids products that engage them in constructive playtime to learning how to get them unhooked from gadgets; we have got you covered with our tips on how to engage kids in today’s world. Check out the list below and do let us know what you think of it;

Getting A Pet

Getting a pet is something that can help you attain the attention of the kids. Nobody wants to spend time on a screen when a good boy is wagging his tail and trying to play with you. We repeat; nobody!

Engage Them In Board Games

Board games are a fun way to kill time and can also help you learn a thing or two. For instance, you can improve your vocabulary with Scrabble, and you can learn about how to manage money with Monopoly. If you are worried about the cost, know that you can get free stuff for kids by mail by signing up at different toy stores or websites. This way you won’t be spending money and will also be getting new and fun stuff for your kids!

Take Them To The Park

Get them a taste for the games that require physical agility and movement. Yes, it will be hard but trust us; nothing beats the adrenaline rush when you are running up the stairs to take the slide down. You can also engage them in sports such as cricket, football, badminton, or even simply running.

Screen Time Must Be Given As A Reward

Another way to limit screen time is to tie it to chores. For instance, you can tell your kids that they are allowed screen time but only after certain tasks have been completed. This will instill the idea of delayed gratification and will help you in getting the tasks done at home.

Give Them Attention

Many times the parents that are complaining about the screen time of their kids are the parents who are themselves addicted to the screens. Kids mimic what you do. So, if you want them to engage in other activities as opposed to using screens; do so yourself as well. Go out on walks and do other fun activities so that your children have an example to follow not just a set of rules that are only applicable to them.

Understand That It Is Okay

In the end, you should know that according to recent researches; it is perfectly fine if your kids are spending too much time on screens. Given that you are making sure that their screen usage is focused on constructive and educational items. If you are providing them with enough constructive and engaging activities; they will automatically switch from screens to these activities. However, banning screens completely is not the right thing to do since doing so will have your kid lagging behind in his/her learning and keeping up with his/her peers.

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