Hunza Valley Tour

Hunza Valley Tour is one the most well known voyages through the world. It is situated in the far Northern region of Pakistan. It is generally accepted by many individuals that James Hilton’s popular book “Lost Horizon” was motivated from Hunza Valley. The world approves of the Hunza Valley as the “Place that is known for Legends” and it is popular worldwide for its way of life, scene, cordiality and neighborliness. Voyagers and globe-trotters from around the world make their visit to this place of Earth each year. 

The strong pinnacles of Karakoram Range encompass Hunza Valley. Rakaposhi Peak (7,788 m), Diran Peak (7,266 m), Spantik (7,072 m), Shispare Peak (7,611 m), Ultar Peak (7,388 m) and numerous other over 6,000 m pinnacles and mountains can be plainly seen from any point in focal Hunza valley. Hunza valley is home to numerous types of Flora and Fauna. You will encounter sights of delightful lakes, immense mountains, one of a kind culture, history, design, untamed life, glacial masses and the local area framework. The agenda for Hunza valley visit is given below. 

Hunza Valley Tour – Islamabad to Naran 

On this day the members will leave for Kaghan Valley. The entry will go through Haripur, Abbottabad and Balakot. The street has one of the most astonishing scenes and views. The members will observe rich green slopes, new water streams, glacial mass, snow capped trees and substantially more. Stream Kunhar will be streaming on the Banks of Naran. The glorious view will make the excursion staggering. We will make speedy tea stops. After landing in the lodging the visitor will eat and rest for quite a while. After the break the members can go out for a walk or touring. 

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