Triangle tin box subtleties

Three-sided tin box, size: 200*71*60mm, thickness: 0.23mm; the crude material is tinplate, the structure of the three-sided custom triangle box is: three-piece, internal spread. The logo of the three-sided iron box top isn’t engraved (3D etching can be chosen), utilizes: tea, bread rolls, chocolate; the three-sided iron box cover can be cut in a plane as per your requirements. Simultaneously, you can likewise pick whether to print in four hues on the two sides of the three-sided iron box. The printing shade of the three-sided iron box can be customized. The outside is printed with matte ink, and within can be printed with brilliant ink or straightforward ink. The discretionary internal backings are: Flocking, PVC, PET and other various materials. 


We are a start to finish bundling supplier, one spot for all bundling needs, from plan and conceptualization to creation to conveyance. We do custom paper based with an assortment of completions and impacts like decorating and so forth. We likewise utilize an assortment of GSM, paper and materials to give the best custom bundling you require. Each bundling thing we can either produce or source makes us the one point contact for all bundling needs.

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