You Have Chosen Custom Mailer Boxes For Your Business, What Now?

Hello there! So, you have decided to make use of custom mailer boxes but are just not sure what to do next? That’s okay; many business owners go through this phase. Allow us to help!

Cost Of The Boxes

The first thing to consider is the cost and is with everything, the cost of the boxes is directly related to the level of customization, the number of mailer boxes that you need, and the colors that are involved. You might be able to find sites (businesses) that offer bulk ordering option whereas there are also businesses that are specialized in smaller and more customizable printing runs that allow you to have more control over the process. 

In most cases, the companies will be quite flexible when it comes to the kinds of artworks and formats that they accept. You will also find a business that offers customizable box dimensions along with printing your logo and choosing colors. It is essential to consider all of these factors and then make a decision to make sure that you are keeping the cost nominal. 

Make Sure That Your Packing Imparts Protection

Almost all of us have been there; ordering something, getting excited when it arrives, opening the packaging, and realizing that the item you ordered has been messed up because it was not properly packed. The responsibility of making sure that the shipped item is appropriately packed and is kept safe even during misuse and mishandling lies with the seller that is you!

Many sellers tend to simply place the item inside the mailer box and then pour shipping peanuts into the box, and that’s it. Newsflash; it does not offer the sort of protection that is required. What you need is structural-cushioning that can help even the fragile items in making it to your customer without sustaining even an inkling of any damage. 

Another important thing is the structural integrity of the boxes. Always remember that your carrier will be placing other boxes on top of this box. The boxes that will be stacked might weigh more than your box. That is why it is important that the box is sturdy and can take such abuse. These are the kind of factors that you need to think about when you are finalizing your custom mailer boxes. 

Unboxing Needs To Be A Social Experience

Unboxing your shipped box should be a social sharing experience because it is this final achievement that can truly help you unlock the full potential of social media. How do you achieve that? By making the unboxing of your shipped item a kind of process that people would want to share with their loved ones. Think customized notes, maybe add a flair of certain colors that are synonymous with your company colors. You can also check out certain YouTube videos that can help you learn various tips for the perfect unboxing. 

Our suggestion to you is to make an effort to connect your customers as it is this connection that will make the whole experience of unboxing a great one!


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