Check Out These Different Ways Of Packaging Your Products

You can find a wide variety of mailer boxes and shipping boxes. In fact, there are whole businesses dedicated to providing them and can help you figure out just what you need and in what quantity. Nonetheless, it is important that you understand some of the options that you have available before you reach out to such a company. 

It does make sense to package your product in the best possible way. The product packaging plays a vital role in the customer experience and can really help you stand out from your competition. Imagine receiving an order that is sloppily packed and receiving a package in one of the tuck top mailer boxes with a custom printing on it and inserts inside it to keep your product in place. Which one would you prefer? Of course, the second one, because it makes you feel great!

That is why many business owners are looking for making use of custom boxes to provide their customers with unique customer experience. You need to consider the size of the box that you need for your products. The next question is about the quantity; how many will you be needing? It is a good idea to buy in bulk but only when your sales are high enough. The last question is the type of packaging you are going for, and that is where the following list of different packaging options that are readily available comes in. Check them out and let us know what you think of them;

Mailer Boxes

The first option is the mailer boxes, of course. You can mail them the way they are or have them placed inside a conventional cardboard shipping box, thus offering a premium unboxing experience to your customers. They can cost you anywhere between three and eight dollars based on the quantity and the quality of the cardboard material. It takes about one to two weeks to get them manufactures and ready for shipping. You can even have your logo or other information printed on these boxes. It should also be noted that you can design the interior and the exterior of the box. 

Shipping Boxes

They also range between three and eight dollars as far as the pricing go. The price variation relies upon the cardboard material and the quantity of your order. They can be customized just like the mailer boxes and offer a sturdy packaging option. You can have your logo or your business slogan printed on them for your brand awareness campaign as well. 

Custom Premium Mailer Boxes

These are mailer boxes that are designed and then manufactured based on your needs. You can even have these boxes include custom insert trays depending upon the product that you plan to ship using them. The cost of such boxes can go from $5 to $150 based upon the quality of the material and the intricacy of the design. This option is the ideal one if you want to offer a fantastic unboxing experience for your customers!

Bags Or Envelopes

A viable alternative to custom boxes is poly shipping envelopes or bags. You can have your logo and contact info printed on them as well.


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