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Learn How Colors Can Affect Your Brand’s Perception

Did you know that 75% of the pencils that are sold in the US are yellow? So, does this mean your packaging should be colored yellow so that you are able to boost sales? It would be amazing if this were so simple. But it isn’t since the psychology of colors has proven to be a tricky feat. 

There are companies that might take months for creating the ‘color communication’ whereas there are businesses that make their decision right away. There are brands who are committed to the colors and then there are brands that don’t really bother about it. What is certain is the fact that there is no right answer. Nonetheless, it is much better to have some sort of background!

Have you ever wondered why the majority of the airlines have blue as the primary color in their logo? The answer is quite simple; blue conveys trustworthiness. Why does Subway only use yellow and green? That is because the brand wanted to focus on young people as its target audience. That is why it makes sense that you should put some thought into the color selection, especially when you are using colored mailer box

We have put together a list of some colors along with the meaning that they convey and the effect that they have on human psychology. Check out the list and pick the one that resonates with you most for your colored mailer boxes

The Color Blue

It is the color of the sky and the sea. The color is known for its calming effect. It is associated with efficiency, logic, trust, intelligence, and serenity. The color has also been a somewhat common choice for the brand design with companies such as IBM, Vimeo, Facebook, and Twitter featuring it. 

The Color Red

As opposed to blue, the color red is known as fierce. It is synonymous with passion, zeal, warmth, excitement, and strength. It is the color of choice for companies that deal with lifestyle and entertainment. Some companies that utilize the color red include LEGO, McDonald’s, Netflix, and Marlboro. 

The Color Green

This color is the color of the Earth. It soothes your mind while offering balance, sustainability, peace, restoration, and harmony to the human mind. The color is used by big companies such as Spotify, Xbox, Starbucks, and Subway, to name a few. 

The Color Yellow

Yellow is considered cheerful and emotional. It is very rare to see the color being used as a sole color when it comes to branding. A number of companies only use it for cheering up their design, such as IMDB, McDonald’s, and Subway. 

The Color Black

It conveys strength and control. It is mostly employed by elegant and premium brands, along with a mix of white elements. 

Now that we have provided you with some of the colors and explained how they impact the human mind, how do you choose the color that’s right for you? It is always a good idea to think from your customer’s perspective; you want to appear professional and approachable. Good luck!


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