Why Packaging Matters – For Small Business Owners

The packaging is something that comes into play after the completion of the order, right? You might think that it is not that important since the customer is interested in the product and the after-sales services. However, you’d be surprised at the importance of the role of packaging in enhancing a customer’s experience. 

Every successful marketer and business owner understands that the customer experience is what matters. Why do you think Apple is leading the market with its products? It has little to do with what the Mac can do and more with the way it does it. It is about the experience that the customer undergoes when using the product. Something that starts the very moment the customer lays his or her eyes on the received package. Whether it is literature mailer boxes or custom printed shipping boxes, it is crucial that your packaging is focused on making the customer feel better. 

Here’s another example to help you understand the importance of packaging. If you go to YouTube and simply search unboxing, you will find thousands of videos where different YouTube users have filmed the unboxing of a plethora of items. A properly packed item is bound to get the heads rolling and will have a positive impact on your business. We have made a list of why the packaging matters, check it out below and let us know what you think of it;

It Helps With The Protection Of Items Being Shipped

Having the right kind of packaging will help you make sure that your products are being shipped to consumers and stores safely. It further imparts protection while the product sits on the store shelves waiting for customers to buy it. It goes without saying that it is the aim of businesses or should be the aim of the businesses to make sure that their product reaches the customer in pristine condition. It shows that the company was actually bothered to take care of its customer’s needs. For example, say you ordered a book and it reaches you roughed up, would you be happy? What if you received literature mailer boxes where your books were appropriately packed and without any scratches or torn pages? Wouldn’t it make you much more delightful and likely to buy from the company again?

Visual Attractions For Customers

A nicely packaged product in a store can help you grab the attention of a potential customer. Something creative will have the customers picking it up and checking the product out to ascertain if they need it or not. 

Offer Information 

With a bit of creativity, you can make use of the packaging for dispensing important information to the customers. The said information can include ways for contacting your business or ask for feedback or provide the customers with the social media handles of your company’s accounts. It can also feature instruction on how to use the product or provide you with power rating and other specifications of the product. 

Brand Awareness

Packaging can also feature your company’s logo and help create brand awareness among the masses!


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