Why Do Companies Give Free Samples To Customers?

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Let’s suppose that you are running a business that offers a certain product. Let’s suppose the products are perfumes. Would you offer perfume samples to your customers? Feels counterintuitive, right? Yet, there are hundreds of businesses that do this very thing. Why? What are the chances that you will be getting any sort of return on your investment?

Come with us as we take you on an eye-opening journey that will explain why giving samples or testers is a brilliant idea and an amazing form of marketing.

Spreading The Word

The first benefit that you can reap by providing free samples is that it helps you spread the word and create brand awareness. Let’s suppose you had tester perfumes that you want feedback on; simply work out the best possible manner of getting them to the target market and allow them to help people connect with your brand!

that you want feedback on; simply work out the best possible manner of getting them to the target market and allow them to help people connect with your brand!

It Shows That You Are Generous

When a business offers free samples, it is basically demonstrating that it is a generous business that cares about its customers and potential customers. As a customer, you will be receiving free samples without any sort of strings attached to the transaction. The business is just trusting you to make use of the product and judge the product and the business on your own.

Obtain Feedback On The Product

The biggest takeaway for business in offering free samples is feedback. This feedback can help the business to adjust their service or the product before mass producing it. If you add a hashtag or a Twitter handle on the packaging, you are bound to receive online feedback that can help you to improve your product and you can use the positive feedback on your social pages.

You Can Try Out New Potential Products

As a business, when you are working on a new product; you tend to carry out various tests. However, the actual test is when the consumers make use of that product. By offering free samples to your target market and recording their feedback, you can make adjustments to your product before you move to the mass-production phase. This can help you save thousands of dollars!

Get Publicity

If you offer your sample products at a noteworthy area, you are bound to end up getting featured on blogs. This can help you raise awareness for your brand. Just make sure you are not overdoing it because publicity stunts usually don’t do well with the masses.

Exhibit Confidence

A business offering free samples is a business that has faith in its product. This can help you garner more customers because they will resonate with this confidence and actually make purchases from your business.

Reward Your Existing Customers

You can also use this for rewarding your existing customers. Simply add sample products to their grocery bags with a thank you note! This way you will be connecting with them on a personal level and making sure that they come back to buy more stuff!

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