Learn How To Boost Foot Traffic To Your Business

Many small business owners ask the evergreen question of ‘how can I ensure more foot traffic to my store/business?’ It makes sense; more customers imply more sales. But how do you do it? From giving free company samples to providing unique ways to customers for interacting with your store, here are some of the ways that you can make sure to bring more traffic to your store/business.

Begin From The Outside

You need to know what kind of demographics you are looking at before you make any changes to your business. If you are operating in a pedestrianized area, make an effort to observe those who pass by your store. Once you have ascertained that, you can work on your window displays and signage to make sure that your business appeals to the potential customers.

A Community Event With A Newsworthy Idea!

Let’s say your local team is playing a game; get some promotional stuff going on. You could give your customers a free sample of your product if they are fans of the local team. You can also get noticed by holding a variety of community or charity events. Being community-oriented will help you build a customer-base much quicker than you could have imagined. Giving out free samples will help you develop a bond of trust with your customers.

Hosting A Workshop Or A Seminar

You can connect with your potential customers by giving them something of value. For instance, if you are a florist, conducting a class to teach your potential customers about how to care for their flowers will help you gain their trust and make some decent sales. However, remember; publicity is the key when attempting this particular technique. Make sure that you are publicizing the event properly on all available forums.

Make Use Of The Smartphone Apps To Gain An Advantage

Most of the users nowadays rely on apps such as FourSquare, Living Social, and Groupon for finding businesses that are offering discounts or deals. You can also make use of these apps for the sake of promoting your small business and attracting potential customers.

Be Innovative With Your Old Customers

It is always exciting and thrilling when a place that you visit every now and then launches something unique. Apart from that, thanks to the power of social media these days; your idea might become the latest Internet sensation and go viral. This could be as simple as providing a discount or offering a free sample; nonetheless; such acts geared towards existing customers help you to re-connect with them and boost your sales.

Yes, Be The Customer Service Wizard!

Why do people prefer small businesses over some large brand? The answer is simple; they want to be heard as individuals and not as customer ABC. Small businesses can provide them with personal relationships. Therefore, it is very important that you treat your customers in the best possible way so as to make sure that your customers keep coming back. It is equally important to stay in touch with your customers. Offer them birthday discounts, and be sure to share your promotions, etc. with them.

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