Find Free Food Everywhere

If you are here and reading this, you are probably one of those people who is always looking for life hacks or coupons, or well- free stuff! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and when there are so many things that you want to buy, it is best to find as many freebies online as you can.

Now, freebies aren’t only makeup, ointment, household cleaners, tissues, or such stuff, but the most popular free samples are of food! Haven’t you ever walked into a grocery store and found salespeople asking you to try a free sample of a new food product by a new or renowned brand? Most people get excited about that and if you are one of those people, then you will like this.

Here is where you can find free food samples:

1. Attend Restaurant/Grocery Store Openings

You know of a restaurant or grocery store opening nearby and is your stomach grumbling? There is likely to be free food and plenty of it! Usually, grocery stores/restaurants give out free treats on opening night or even for a whole week. You can stop by for free food samples and it is highly recommended before you try out a new restaurant because each eatery has its own taste, so you need to know if it suits you before you splurge on a full meal.

2. Birthday Giveaways

It’s your party and you shouldn’t be the one paying. That is because there are numerous restaurants and cafes, etc that offer free food on birthdays and all you have to do is know exactly where to go and when. You can begin with a free coffee at dawn and end with one of your favorite drinks before you doze off at night. Obviously, you will get free meals, not to mention dessert on the house at plenty of restaurants.

3. Check Online

There are plenty of restaurants, brands, and stores which reward you for your loyalty, for signing up for their newsletter, or for joining a WhatsApp group. Moreover, the internet gives you access to fascinating discounts, amazing freebies, and offers that will make you drool. Click here to find the best deals and free food online.

Keep clicking and eating!

4. Be a Food Critic

Do you have plenty of friends, can write, and have an opinion about food? Then you might be fit for the job of a food critic. Guess what the means? Obviously, plenty of free food! If you are a blogger or influencer, companies may send you baskets of food and other free stuff regularly. However, food critics may get access to free meals and sometimes free food samples are sent home.

Sounds like a job for a foodie, right? If this interests you, go for it!

5. Use Takeaway Apps

If you download a takeaway app, plenty of apps give you a free food coupon, a discount, or other offer as a welcome gift. They also offer free food to regular users from time to time, especially during certain festive seasons.

If you regularly order takeout or want great deals from time to time, make room on your phone and start ordering or gathering discounts.

Now that you know where to find your free food online, start surfing and downloading those offers. We hope you have enough of an appetite to digest all of the food you get.


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